So, we want to “Do” Christian, not just “Be” Christian. But what does this mean? How do we know exactly what we are meant to do?

I don’t think God is picky. I think if we operate out of attempting to fulfill His will with whatever gifts and talents He gave us, and in accordance with the desires of our heart, (providing it doesn’t go against any biblical principles), and it helps people, I really  think we are given considerable leeway. That’s why God added free will to the whole equation.

Now, to be sure, some have been given ‘direct orders’ or a Word from God to do a certain thing. Of course, that’s a no-brainer. I’m talking about the rest of us, who sort of flounder around looking for – and worse yet, waiting for- some specific call, some sign, something etched in stone, that directs us toward our purpose. Hey, that may happen, but until it does, I think we are called to get busy doing good wherever, whenever and however we can.


I think we make things more difficult than they have to be. If we follow our heart and do our best to do good and serve others, it’ll be pretty hard to mess it up. And hey, if you are totally wrong, don’t worry, God will stop you. He will redirect your steps.


Problem is, He can’t redirect our steps if we are standing still. If you are not moving he can’t help you back onto the right path. We must first make attempts to do His will, then have faith that He will  make it work. I heard a preacher once say ‘In revealing His will  for your life, God will not give you steps 1 through 10. He’ll give you step 1 and if you step out in faith and obedience, He’ll give you the next step.’     #trustHim


Another thing to consider when trying to follow God’s plan:  Doing God’s will should not be drudgery! You can enjoy it! In fact, I think it is a built-in by-product of doing His will. So many people, after serving others are surprised and delighted to find that they feel they got more joy, more satisfaction, and more happiness out of the experience than those they served.


Plus, there’s that verse from Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts… sometimes paraphrased as ‘let peace be your umpire’.  Meaning, when making a decision, do not do the thing that upsets, or angers you, or causes anxiety. Do what feels most peaceful. The decision you are most comfortable with. In the secular world, this is often called ‘following your heart’.



So, if you’re doing something you love, having fun,  and feeling joy, fulfillment and peace, while helping  someone with your gifts and talents…you just may be doing  God’s will  and not even know it!


We’ll revisit this topic periodically, please feel free to relate your story, or your opinion on this subject in the comments section.


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What one little (or big) thing are you doing  to help someone that can’t really pay you back or ‘owe you one’ ?