Hello and Welcome to my blog! 

My name is Sherry and in this little corner of the internet, I hope to foster a discussion about how Christianity is perceived today and how it differs from the intent of the original church.

I intend this to be a forum for those in the following categories of spirituality:
the formerly spiritual,
the newly curious,
the ‘coasters’,
the confused
and the ‘I’ve moved on’ – those fed-up with the current state of the church and Christianity in general.

Christians today get a pretty bad rap sometimes, and -largely- it’s our own fault.  To read more on what the name ‘christian Not Christian’ means, check out my posts: Welcome to christian Not Christian, and  Is “Christian” a Noun or an Adjective? Or Something Else Entirely…

And, hey, those of you who’ve got it all together in the spiritual department, whose faith walk is awesome right now, you are more than welcome too! In fact, we need your wisdom, your perspective, your opinion and your experience to help the rest of us as we fumble through our spiritual journey, trying to figure out this whole God thing.

I am a former “coaster” myself. Pretty much on auto pilot in the spiritual department until confronted with life altering circumstances 3 years ago.  The ensuing spiritual journey I have been on has been kind of a crash course in Christianity. It has been eye opening to say the least and I have learned so much that I did not know about the faith I have professed all my life. 

Please join me on this journey of exploring contemporary Christianity. I hope we can all encourage, educate, learn from and christian one another.   Thanks for visiting!